End of services

Inmarsat has announced the retirement (end of service) plan for the following legacy services:

31. December  2012 – Inmarsat LAMM Large Antenna mini-M
30. September 2014 – Inmarsat Mini-M portable
30. September 2014 – Inmarsat GAN 64k ISDN
31. December  2014 – Inmarsat M
31. December  2014 – Inmarsat B
31. December  2016 – Inmarsat Mini-M Maritime

As communicated to our Inmarsat customers verbally, Inmarsat has now announced the end of service plan for the above listed services.

Should you or your organization still have active Inmarsat Mini-M portable or GAN 64k ISDN in operation, please contact us. We will assist you in finding an appropriate replacement for your terminal.

Please contact us should you have questions regarding the replacement of your existing Inmarsat equipment.

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