Introducing the new EXPLORER 710

BGAN Explorer 710
This new state of the art BGAN is the smallest Class 1 BGAN terminal available for Land Portable applications. It will boast a radical improvement in video quality, the first BGAN to support High Data Rate (HDR) streaming service estimated at 650 kbps! This ultra-portable and lightweight terminal has more capacity than the previous Explorer 700 and other class 1 terminals thus far.

Service offerings for HDR will be:

  • Asymmetrical – 650 kbps up / 64 kbps down
  • Symmetrical – 650 kbps bi-directional
  • Half-Channel – 325 kbps bi-directional

Standard data rate (background/shared class) will continue to maximize at 492 kbps (class 1 typical)


For even higher data rates, users will be able to connect two Explorer 710 units with an Ethernet cable to get speeds in excess of 1 Mbps QoS. This will require a Linux software program on the server at the receiving end to “de-bond” the traffic.


BGAN Explorer 710 Data Sheet  (PDF)

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