BGAN Explorer 325 Vehicular

 Eplorer 325

Reliable, compact, and easy to use.
Magnetic mounts quickly attach this 14" satellite antenna on top of any vehicle. This compact BGAN terminal provides 384 Kbps Internet speeds while driving down the road.

Global Connectivity Anywhere Parked or On-The-Move
The EXPLORER 325 from Cobham is a compact on-the-move BGAN antenna. The system consists of a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mag-mount antenna. Simply connect a laptop or wireless access point to the transceiver's Ethernet port, turn the unit on, and you're online anywhere and anytime.

The antenna has built-in magnetic roof mounts and may be mounted on an angle on the roof. The antenna connects via a cable to the controller/transceiver that provides an Ethernet port and a phone port for broadband Internet and phone. As long as there is line-of-sight to the geostationary satellite, connectivity is global.


Tech Specs:


Cobham (former Thrane & Thrane)


Terminal: 231 x 278mm (2.4kgs)

Antenna: 350 x 1200mm (4.5kgs)

Standard IP:

Up to 448 / 464kbps (send & receive)

Streaming IP:

32, 64, 128kbps




VoIP handset

1 Independent RJ-11 port (2-wire connector)

Data Interfaces

2 x Ethernet

Ingress protection:

IP 31 (terminal)

IP 56 (antenna)


BGAN Explorer 325 Product Sheet  (PDF)


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