BGAN Explorer 727

 BGAN Explorer 727 - Vehicular

A two-in-one terminal
Cobham EXPLORER 727 effectively becomes a two-in-one terminal. When on-the-move the EXPLORER 727 provides the best, most reliable data and voice functionality in its class, even at speeds up to 200 km/h and on any terrain. With the upgrade in place though, the EXPLORER 727 is capable of operating like an EXPLORER 700 terminal when the vehicle is not moving (on-the-pause), enabling broadcasters to stream live coverage at data rates from a minimum of 384kbps from anywhere in the world.


EXPLORER® 727 gives you:

    • High-speed data throughput up to 432kbps
    • IP streaming of speeds up to 256kpbs
    • ISDN 64kbps
    • A magnet-mounted rooftop antenna and detachable (in-vehicle) modem
    • Durable hardware (ingress protection factor 66)
    • Multiple interfaces including Bluetooth, Ethernet, RJ11, and USB
    • Comms on the move at any speed


Explorer 727 Product Sheet  (PDF)

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