BGAN Explorer 500

BGAN Explorer 500 with Handset

The Cobham EXPLORER® 500 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a small and lightweight voice and broadband data communications terminal for you and your colleagues. Incredibly flexible, the E500 offers almost all the bandwidth of the larger E700 but is less than half the size – it fits into the side pocket of a standard laptop bag.


EXPLORER® 500 gives you:

    • High-speed data throughput up to 468kbps
    • IP streaming of speeds up to 128kpbs
    • Simultaneous voice and data
    • Durable hardware (ingress protection factor 55)
    • Multiple interfaces including Bluetooth, Ethernet, RJ11, and USB
    • An LCD screen for ease of use
    • A wide range of accessories


BGAN Explorer 500 Product Sheet  (PDF)




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