BGAN Explorer 700


BGAN Explorer 700

The Cobham EXPLORER® 700 is the best-selling Class 1 terminal in the market. Offering the highest possible speed data connection, the terminal is the number one choice in durability and versatility, being able to withstand severe geographical conditions such as humidity, dust, extreme weather and changing temperatures. Suitable for use by individuals and small teams.


EXPLORER® 700 gives you:

    • High-speed data throughput up to 492kbps
    • IP streaming to speeds of 384kbps+
    • Military-spec hardware (ingress protection factor 66)
    • Detachable antenna – keep the modem safe and dry while the antenna is outdoors
    • Multiple interfaces including WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, ISDN, RJ11, and USB
    • An LCD screen for ease of use
    • A wide range of accessories


BGAN Explorer 700 Product Sheet  (PDF)

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