Iridium SIM

Following SIM-Card types are available for Iridium SatPhone:

Postpaid (monthly subscriptions)
- Postpaid only with a monthly subscribtion.

Note: The 12 ea. monthly subscriptions will be invoiced with the first delivery (minimum contract).



Prepaid (Standard)
Following vouchers for Iridium prepaid SIM-Cards are available:

  • Voucher 75 min (4 500 units)with 1 months validity IR-V75-1M
  • Voucher 75 min (4 500 units)with 2 months validity IR-V75-2M
  • Voucher 1 month validity extension IR-1M-EX
  • Voucher 500 min (30 000 units)with 12 months validity IR-V500-12M


Prepaid AFRICA-300
This SIM-Cards can be used in Africa only!

  • Voucher 300 min (7 200 units)with 12 months validity IR-AF-V300



  • Calls are debited in 20 second increments. Iridium to Iridium calls are debited at half the rate.
  • Unused minutes can be extended if a new bundle is purchased. Card is permanently deactivated 90 days after expiry if not recharged. Expiry dates are cumulative up to 2 years.
  • Outgoing SMS (i.e. text messaging) debt 20 seconds from balance.
  • FREE Services: Direct calls to Iridium phone are free for the Iridium owner, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Barring and Incoming SMS.
  • Remaining minutes are announced before each call made. To query minutes: Use toll free number 2888 from Iridium satellite phone.
  • Please note that calls made to another satellite network (Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya) are debited at a higher rate than a standard Iridium-to-Land line call.
  • No call details available


Change of Prepaid Service

Iridium has implemented a new minutes expiry policy. It will be fully effective as from December 17th 2013.

Prepaid units that have been carried over for more than 3 years will expire on a daily basis. This applies to all prepaid accounts.
The expiration process will be conducted on a daily basis by Iridium as follows:

The total number of minutes purchased more than three (3) years ago will be calculated and units will be expired at 23:59 UTC each day.


  • Iridium have recently announed a policy change with regards to accumulated minutes on their prepaid platform.
  • With effect from 17 Dec 2013, a sim card will no longer be able to accumulate airtime that is older than 3 years.
  • Units that are less than three years old (four years for 3000 or 5000 vouchers) will continue to be available until SIM expiry or until the units become three years old, or whichever comes first.
  • For our Africa Package customers, this means a sim card will only be able to accumulate up to a maximum of 900 minutes.
  • Any additional minutes not used by the cut off period will be expired by Iridium.
  • For Customers: Unit balances and expiry information will be available to customers by calling 2888 or sending an SMS to 2888 from their Iridium handset. 
  • Beginning in February 2013, prepaid subscribers will be given the total number of units that may expire if not used before December 17, 2013. 
  • After December 17, 2013, users will be given the balance of units that may expire if not used within the next six months. This message will be based on the oldest voucher purchase activity and units that are subject to expiry within the next six months, if applicable.
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