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Fixed Docking Unit - for XT-seriesThuraya FDU-XT


The FDU-XT is a home and office docking adapter that allows you to use the Thuraya XT phones in an indoor setting. Simply connect the FDU-XT with the antennas; then dock your Thuraya XT handset into the cradle and start to enjoying satellite phone connectivity.


Easy to install and operate, it supports Voice, Data and Fax transmission and comes with SAT and GPS antennas with 25m cables to ensure seamless connectivity.




Sattrans Vehicle Docking Cradle (SAT-DOCKER)Thuraya XT-Serie Sat-Docker
Ensure hands-free satellite services in vehicles, using an easy-to-install and reliable docker.








Thuraya XT Car ChargerThuraya XT Car Charger
Charge your handset using standard 12V car cigarette lighter socket.







Travel Charger
Charge your handset using a compact device that links to a mains socket.



Thuraya XT-Hotspot

Thuraya Hotspot

World’s fastest Wi-Fi via satellite for communication needs beyond GSM coverage

The only Wi-Fi router on the market offering a plug-and-play solution, the Thuraya XT-Hotspot enables easy and economical internet access over Thuraya's mobile satellite network with fast data speeds of up to 60 kbps. The XT-Hotspot uses the GmPRS connection of Thuraya XT for quick and secure internet connectivity in the most remote locations.  Please note that the XT-Hotspot is only compatible with Thuraya XT phones.




Compact, reliable and cost-effective
The Thuraya XT-Hotspot is a pocket-sized router that creates a Wi-Fi zone of up to 30 meters for multiple users to access the internet from their laptop, tablets and smartphones at affordable rates.

Simple and secure connectivity
Thuraya XT-Hotspot is the only plug-and-play Wi-Fi router that provides you with secure internet access with satellite data speeds of 60 Kbps - without the need to install software.

Flexible, even in the most remote of locations
Designed for field and mobile office setups, the router offers quick, reliable internet connections even in the most remote areas, enabling you to minimize management and operation costs.

Staying connected, wherever you are
No matter how far your business operations take you, Thuraya XT-Hotspot provides an instant and convenient internet access point to social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, regardless of your location and at all times.


Thuraya SatSleeve Brochure  (PDF)
Thuraya SatSleeve Factsheet (PDF)


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