Thuraya SIM

The Thuraya Satellite Phone can be used with the following airtime/traffic packages 

  1. Use of a Standard Swisscom GSM ABO card, subscription card (Pre-Paid will not work)
  2. Thuraya Pre-paid SIM (Will not work for outgoing calls in GSM mode)
  3. Thuraya Post-paid with monthly subscription, will work on GSM network with Thuraya Agreements

Following SIM-Cards for Thuraya SatPhones are available:

Thuraya Traffic and Subscription Postpaid / Abo
One-time registration, activation fee, incl. SIM card 
Monthly Subscription Charge 

  • Postpaid only with a monthly subscribtion. 

Note: The 12 ea. monthly subscriptions will be invoiced with the first delivery (minimum contract).


Thuraya Prepaid SIM-card, no monthly fees

SIM-card with 12 month validity, incl. USD 10.00 call time. 
Following recharge codes are available:

  • Recharge code with 50 units call time TH-50
  • Recharge code with 160 units call time TH-160

Note: no call details available

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